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Recent PeeWee News

Week of 10/15

By Teddie 10/16/2018, 1:45pm CDT


  • Coach Eric was able to join practice on Sunday and the boys report they were worked hard and they liked it!  All of them came off tired!
  • Katie Hendrickson and Dave Happe have agreed to assistant coach - Thank you!  All of us appreciate your help!
  • We have a team photographer!  Lis Malovrh is willing to take pictures for us this season and post to Shutterfly - THANK YOU LIS!
  • Let me know if you are interested in being the team Treasurer.  (Doesn't get you out of volunteer hours but is GREATLY APPRECIATED BY ME)
    • REMINDER:  Boys are required to BE READY TEN MINUTES PRIOR to practice.  It allows the coaches time to explain drills off ice and not waste time.  Despite arriving early, a few were not ready until after practice started.  That's $3.75/minute that was wasted $$ of our ice time.  Not acceptable.  Please remind your player of the expectations for getting ready on time, and listening before they hit the ice.