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PLSHA SafeSport Program

Make a SafeSport Report

Sarah Thoeny

PLSHA SafeSport Coordinator

Phone: 612-417-8333

Annual Instructions for Parents/Volunteers

This process must be completed even if the parent has done the buyout of association volunteer hours, as the team requires volunteer hours. Please take your time to follow the directions and take a look at the FAQs; I am happy to be helpful, yet much of my time is spent copying the exact information found here. 

STEP 1: The parent/volunteer must register with USA Hockey every year to receive a new USA Hockey number. This is in addition to registering your player. Select the RED REGISTER button, then manager/volunteer and proceed with remaining prompts. Click for link to register with USA Hockey.

STEP 2: Complete the annual SafeSport training; there is no cost. Click for link for training.
Note: If you complete your USAH registration and immediately try to enter that number into the SafeSport training link, the two systems may not have had sufficient time to communicate/update. You may need to wait until the next business day before the update occurs. PLSHA does not control this process; this is a communication between USA Hockey & US Center for SafeSport.

STEP 3: Register and complete the background check. Background checks are valid for 2 seasons and the system will not let you proceed if there is a valid background check on file. Click for link for screenings.

PLEASE NOTE: If you receive the following message, proceed to step 4 as new background check is not required this season.

You are not eligible to submit a screen at this time. Please see for questions. Please note, background screens are valid for two seasons. If you received a cleared screen in the 20-21 season, you will not be able to submit a new screen until the 22-23 season

STEP 4: Complete the volunteer registration link with your USA Hockey number to the PLSHA Registrar. Without this registration, we are unable to include you in the PLSHA report for the required verifications. Click for link to register.

STEP 5: Submit your SafeSport Certificate to the PLSHA SafeSport Coordination; this is a USAH / SafeSport redundancy built in to protect youth athletes. Click for link to submit.

NOW WHAT!? The SafeSport Coordinator said I'm "not verified"...

Use the tabs below for guidance after the SafeSport Coordinator has communicated with a team manager that a requirement does not have "verified" status. Each scenario is addressed. Questions, contact the SafeSport Coordinator.