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PLSHA Hockey Registration

2017-18 PLSHA Hockey Registration Dates

Traveling Youth and Girls (10U/Squirt up to 14U/Bantam):
Tuesday, August 1st – Thursday, August 31st -

Youth and Girls (6U/8U/Mites):
Tuesday, August 1st – Tuesday, September 26th-

Jr. Gold/16U:
Tuesday, August 1st  – Tuesday, October 31st 
- Closed*

Rookie Mites:
Tuesday, August 1st – Friday, December 1st 
- Closed*

Rookie Camp: (6 sessions Oct 8, 15, 29, Nov 5, 12, 19)
Tuesday, August 1st – Tuesday, September 26th-

Big Skate Event (Girls):
Tuesday, August 1st – Tuesday, September 26th-

Give Hockey a Shot:
Tuesday, August 1st  – Tuesday, September 26th-


Tina Anderson

PLSHA Registrar

MN Hockey / D6 Player Residency Rules

MN Hockey and District 6 have strict rules regarding residency and where a child is allowed to play.  This is being strictly enforced and player information is being verified.  

If your player lives inside the Prior Lake/Savage school district (ISD #719), please continue with registration as usual.

If your player does not live inside the Prior Lake/Savage school district (ISD #719) but is open enrolled at a Prior Lake/Savage school, please continue with registration but then immediately contact the PLSHA Registrar to start the waiver process.  If you have a waiver from the previous year for open enrollment on file with us, that waiver is good from year to year as long as you are still enrolled in ISD719.  

If you are not open enrolled at a Prior Lake/Savage school and do not live in ISD #719, please do not register and contact the PLSHA Registrar with your address, school district information, level of play, and reason for signing up with the PLSHA.

Failure to follow the appropriate waiver process can result in team disqualification and/or being removed from the team during the season without refund.

Birth Certificate Verification

If you are new to the association or a 1st year player for the PLSHA, a copy of your player's birth certificate is required prior to the closing of registration.  For your convenience, you can upload a document or image during the registration process.  A cell phone picture will work as long as it captures the entire certificate and is read-able.  This site is a secure site and your uploaded document will only be accessible by this site's administrator.

If you choose not to use the upload feature, please send your child's birth certificate to the  PLSHA Registrar, Tina Anderson, upon completion of the registration process.

* Rookie camp participants do not need to present their birth certificate unless they are also signed up for the Rookie Mite regular season.

Volunteer Requirements & Fundraising Requirement

The Volunteer Requirement and Fundraising Requirement are separate requirements. 

If you choose to opt-out of the fundraising requirement by choosing the buy-out on your child's registration, this does NOT remove your Volunteer requirements.

Volunteer Requirement:  A refundable deposit is required at the start of the season (post-dated 4/1/2018) and is refunded in full only if the obligation is met. This will be collected at Traveling try-outs and Mite evaluations.

Fundraising Requirement:  At the time you register, there are two options for Fundraising, either the buy-out or the fundraising cards. You must pick one. 

If you are registering your 3rd child (or more), you can choose the "3rd+ Child" option. The fundraising requirement (the buy-out or cards) is required for two children of the family but not the third.

Payment Information

Payment Methods Accepted:  
Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking account

ALL late registrations will be assessed a $50.00 late fee.  No exceptions!

Payment Plans:

  • Pay in Full
  • Plan A: 2-Installment Payment 
    • 1st half paid at the time of registration.  
    • 2nd automatically debited from the SAME ACCOUNT on 9/15/17. 
  • Plan B: 3-Installment Payment
    • 1st third paid at the time of registration  
    • 2nd third automatically debited from the SAME ACCOUNT on 09/15/17.
    • Remaining balance automatically debited from the SAME ACCOUNT 10/01/17. 

If you wish to use a different account to pay the balance, please log in to your Sport Ngin account BEFORE the first day of payment to update your account information.

Please note the following regarding registration fee refunds:

1.      Any player who has a balance on their fees from the prior year will not be allowed to participate in tryouts until those fees are paid. 
2.      A player who withdraws their registration shall only be issued a partial refund in the following circumstances:
  • Withdrawal prior to tryouts/evaluations will be assessed a $50 registration processing fee.  The remainder of the fee will be refunded.
  • For Rookie Mites:  Withdrawal prior to the 1st practice will be assessed a $50 registration processing fee.  The remainder of the fee will be refunded.
  • Withdrawal after tryouts have started due to placement on a Prior Lake High School team will receive a pro rated refund of their registration fee based on the portion of the season already elapsed.
3.      A player who withdraws their registration after tryouts/evaluations have started will not be issued a refund for any amount of their registration.
4.      If you are on a team that has been merged with another association, PLSHA fundraising fees still apply and will not be pro-rated or waived. 
If you have questions regarding registration, please contact Tina Anderson at

Rookie Mite Camp

This Rookie Camp is offered to 1st year skaters (who attend schools in ISD #719) as a way to expose them to the great sport of hockey without a significant investment!  Sessions will be run by experienced PLSHA coaches. Content will expose kids to basic skating, shooting, puck handling drills while including lots of fun and games!  This camp is offered to the first 150 skaters.  Hurry, don't wait to sign up.  The last two years had waitlists.

If your child is in 6th grade or above, please contact PLSHA regarding eligibility.

Registration is open 08/01/17 - 9/26/17.

The cost of this camp is $60 + USA Hockey fee.

Six sessions on the following dates:

  • October 8, 15, & 29 (Time TBD)
  • November 5, 12 & 19 (Time TBD)

Mite Program:

To view information regarding PLSHA's Mite program, please go to the Mite Program page.