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Ice For Sale/Schedule

Ice For Sale

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Season Information:

Q: When do monthly ice bills come out and when are they due?
     A: For Peewee's, Bantams, 12U, 15U, U16 and Jr Gold ice bills will be   sent to the team manager and or team treasurer on the 15th of each month. These bills will be due at the end of that same month. For Squirt's and 10U's ice bills will be sent out to the team manager and or team Treasurer at the end of each month and are due on the 15th of the following month. (Mites are not included in monthly ice bills. Generally Advance and Intermediate mites will see a supplemental ice bill 2 times during the season.)

Q Where do the monthly ice bills go after they have be collected from the parents
    A: The team manager or Treasurer may deposit your teams dues in the PLSHA Treasurer mail box. This mail box is located inside the coaches room in rink 2. All checks should be made out the PLSHA.

Q: What are District 6 dues and when are they billed
    A: District 6 dues are billed to each travel team from squirts thru Jr Gold. These dues cover referees for your league games and your district 6 Playoff ice time/referees/EMT's.  Squirts do not have district playoffs but do have a D-6 Tournament in March. This D-6 tournament will be billed in March separate from your D-6 Dues.  These dues are generally billed to teams in January and can range from $600-$1500 depending on the level. It is highly recommended to collect a little each month from Oct-Jan to offset this 1 time fee. If you would like to know what your D-6 Dues might be for the current season just contact the Ice Scheduler and he will be able to tell you what the past dues were.

Q: When do tournaments get billed
    A: If the tournament was scheduled by the PLSHA tournament coordinator your team will be billed for the tournament the month it is in. Example: if your tournament is January 9th thru 11th you will see this tournament on your January ice bill.

Q: How do I get things added/Changed on our team calendar.
A: All changes/adds/request must go thru the ice scheduler. Once the change as been done the 3 contacts on file for your team will receive an email confirmation. It may take up to 24 hours for that change to appear on the website. (Note the ice scheduler does not see your calendar on your team page!!! There is a separate program used to schedule the ice and that is all uploaded to the PLSHA website) 

-Note for Peewee and above teams. Due to your ice bills coming out on the 15th of each month any swaps/adds that would affect your ice bill should be maybe prior to the 15th. If they are made after the 15th the 2 teams must work out the billing between themselves-

  • To get a solo practice slot changed to a scrimmage just email Date/Time/Rink and Visiting team
  • To get a shared practice slot converted to solo, First both teams must agree to it. Then you may email the ice scheduler Date/Time/Rink and which team needs to be removed from the ice slot. *Important* Both teams must be copied to the email sent to the ice scheduler for this change to happen. (By both teams being on the email the ice scheduler will assume both are in compliance with the change)
  • If your team has been asked to be in an away scrimmage or a tournament but have all ready been scheduled for practice ice at home how can our team get rid of these practice slots.
    • You may post your ice for sale on the Message Board under the IceForSale/Schedule page.
    • You may also email the Ice scheduler and he/she may be able to tell you which PLSHA teams may be available to pick it up. You will have to email those teams to see if their interested.
    • If no PLSHA teams are able to use the ice the Ice Scheduler can email these ice slots to other associations in the area.
    • Your team is 100% reasonable for all ice assigned to your team. If no teams are able to pick up the ice time you have available for sale. Your team will still be billed for the ice if you skate on it our not.
    • If there is a PLSHA team able to pick up your teams Ice for sale. Email the Ice scheduler with Date/Time/Rink and what team will be using it. Both teams must be copied to this email for the change to happen.

Q: What events should a team Manager add/Change to the team calendar VS the Ice scheduler adding/changing
A: As a team manager the only things you should be adding and or changing are as followed

  • Team Parties/Get together's/ Wild Games
  • Conference room meetings
  • Any ice outside of Dakotah that your team picked up on their own (Please still let the ice scheduler know)
  • Locker Room Parents, Penalty box helper & Score keepers (These should be added as a new event. Do not add these under the info tab for a game. They will get deleted every time the schedules get uploaded.)

All other changes/adds should be directed thru the ice scheduler and he/she will make the change.

Q: When is D-6 game draw and what it is.
    A: Game draw is where all D-6 ice scheduler get together over a course of 2 weeks and schedule all D-6 league games for each level. This usually takes place the first 2 weeks of October with all games being finalized and published sometime during the 3rd week of October.

Q: How do I schedule referees for a scrimmage our team just set up.
   A: Referees for scrimmages are scheduled thru D-6. You can schedule a referee using this link You can also find out what the referee cost are inside and outside the the D-6 circle using this same link.

Q: Visiting team is picking up half the icetime cost. What is the Ice Rate at Dakotah for the 2017-2018 season
A: Cost for a 60min ice slot at Dakotah Ice Center for the 2017-2018 season is $224.00 per 60min.

Q: How can our team get some ice outdoors at Lakefront
A: Lakefront ice is generally giving to the mite teams first. After the mites get assigned lakefront ice an email will go out mid December with the remaining open slots. This will be a first come first serve on the remaining slots. We do have access to a couple of the Savage Area outdoor rink and those may also be used by any PLSHA team. Outdoor ice season generally starts Jan 1st and goes thru Feb 18th (If weather conditions allow it may go till the end of February)

Q: How to reserve the conference room and what is the charge   
    A: You may either email the ice scheduler to reserve the conference room. A few other options are stop by the ice center office and or call the ice center. There is a $25.00 fee per hour to use the conference room. This fee will be added to your teams monthly ice bill. (Mites must pay at time of use due to they do not receive monthly ice bills)

2017 Ice Draw Information

Date:  October 24th 6:00pm-10:00pm & 
               October 25th 6:00pm-10:00pm (If Needed)
Dakotah Ice Center 2nd Level Conference Room 

  • D-6 Game schedules will be released on October 23rd. Do not print your team calendars off until you see your games. Following the Ice Draw shared practices must be emailed into the PLSHA ice scheduler by 5pm Friday October 27th. At 5pm October 27th all team schedules will frozen and will be turned over to exceed to schedule dryland. Once dryland is scheduled teams can then work on any remaining shared practices and add away/home scrimmages. Do not schedule any away scrimmages for the months of Nov-Feb until after exceed has been scheduled

  • Due to time restraints, The PLSHA Ice Scheduler and Exceed will schedule the 1st week of November for all teams.

  • The small conference room will be available for teams to use on Wednesday October 25th and Thursday October 26th from 6-10pm to meet with other teams and work on your shared practices.

*At least 2 coach/manager MUST attend per team (Highly recommended that you have 3 people attend per team. 1 to keep on eye on your team calendar and the 2nd person would need to X off ice slots that have all ready been taken and 3rd person to have your next pick ready to go. If don't have someone present for your team the Level Coordinator will draw ice for your team and random.
*Items to bring.

Team Calendars for the full season that would include all your League Games,Tournaments and Dryland.
*ALL Pools of Ice
*All Rounds

*Pencils & Erasers
(Master ice schedule will only be used as a reference)

PLEASE PRINT ALL DOCUMENTS (They will not be provided)

In the event there is a change to any Pools or Rounds Prior. The new documents will be posted with revised on them. No changes will be made after 11pm Sunday October 22rd.



Kevin Ingvalson

Ice Scheduler