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NOW OPEN: Board Applications

By bjk, 04/05/18, 5:15PM CDT




Registration for the PLSHA board is now open.  Any PLSHA member in good standing is eligible to be nominated or to run for an open position.

To submit an application please CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


You will be asked the following questions:

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Level of players in the Association
  4. Describe past experience (volunteer, manager, coach, etc.) within PLSHA
  5. Describe other areas of community involvement/relevant experience
  6. Explain why you wish to become a PLSHA Board member – what specifically are you hoping to help with during your tenure on the board?
  7.  Which of the following board roles would you have specific interest in leading?
  8. Board meeting are mostly scheduled on the 1st Monday of each month from 7-9PM.  Is there anything that might prevent you from attending Board meetings or carrying out the role and responsibilities of a PLSHA Board member?
  9. Other information you’d like member to consider in reviewing your application?


 Please carefully consider the following when making your submission:

  • PLSHA Board Members are elected to the two-year terms.
  • Members are elected at-large.  Responsibilities are determined and will be consistent with the needs of the Association and the PLSHA Board.  Board Member roles in some instances may not be applicable to their skills and interests. 
  • The term begins immediately following the annual meeting in which they are elected.
  • Any Board member who misses 3 Board meetings during the registration year, may be asked by the PLSHA Board to resign their position. 
  • There are varying levels of commitment for elected Board positions as well as appointed Chairperson and Coordinator roles.  If you have questions regarding a role please reach out to a current Board member, we will be happy to answer your questions. 
  • You must declare your candidacy by midnight on Wednesday April 4th.
  • You must attend the Annual Meeting on April 15th and will be given 2 minutes or less to speak.   

This is our first time using registration as a collection process for applications, your patience is appreciated in the event we need to make adjustments.  


Applications will be posted to the PLSHA website no later than Sunday April 8th.