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PLSHA Mite Jamboree

2023 Mite Jamboree Information

March 10-12, 2023

3 Games for Each Level-Boys and Girls

Swag  and Medals for each participant

Many Fun Activities: 

Vendors, face painting, chuck a puck, silent auction, raffles-BRING CASH!! 



2023 PLSHA Mite Jamboree Registration:

New this year, we will be limiting the amount of registrations by associations at each Mite level. This means we will allow 2 teams from an association to register for each Mite Level 1-4. For example an association could have 2 teams registered at each Boys 1, 2, 3, 4 levels accounting for 8 teams. We are doing this to make sure kids get exposure to playing other teams and more associations get to participate.  

Registration Status

Level Spots Left as of 11-22-22
 Mite 4 FULL
Mite 3 FULL
Mite 2 FULL
Mite 1 3 Spots
Level Spots Left as of 11-22-22
 Mite 4 2 Spots
Mite 3 FULL
Mite 2 2 Spots
Mite 1 1 Spot