Responsibilities of team COVID managers:
Any information regarding a positive COVID test and possible exposure needs to be reported to PLSHA COVID Managers by you ASAP (parties can notify PLSHA COVID Managers directly if the prefer), so the requirements from MDH and Minnesota Hockey can be followed. As a volunteer of the association, you must also keep this information confidential, other than disclosing to PLSHA COVID Managers. You (nor the coach) will need to notify the team; this occurs from the association.

Distribute information from PLSHA COVID Managers to team when requested.

Resond to questions from team, provide PLSHA resources, and follow up with PLSHA COVID Managers as needed.

Obtain COVID policies for away scrimmages, games, and tournaments; distribute to the team.

Respond to opponent’s request for COVID policies by providing website.

You are asked to be an information source for your team; you are not asked to do enforcement.