PLSHA welcomes you! 

Please take note of the following information as you arrive for a visiting game, scrimmage, or tournament; all of which is subject to change. Each topic area is also a link to the full policies, guidelines, or health questionnaire.

NOTE: The front doors are closed; please enter using the side sliding doors.

Dakotah! Ice Center: Policies

  • Maximum of 36 participants on the ice.

  • Skaters are allowed in the facility 15 minutes prior to their session. Skaters must exit 15 minutes after their session ends.

  • Do not congregate in any lobby area. 

  • All spectators must watch from the stands.

  • Maintain appropriate social distancing at all times.

  • Only two spectators per participant allowed at a time.

  • Maximum of 75 people in the stands.

  • Spectators may enter the facility at the start of the participant’s ice time.

  • Spectators must exit immediately after the game. 

  • Please wait for your child outside the facility.

PLSHA Questionnaire

  • Each participant, spectator, and coach is asked to complete the linked questionnaire which is helpful for contact tracing with Minnesota Department of Health, if needed.

Minnesota Hockey Return to Play Guidelines Phase 3:

  • Any players, coaches or spectators exhibiting symptoms or signs of an illness should reference the MDH COVID-19 Decision Tree and follow its guidance prior to entering any facility or participating in on-ice activity.

  • It is recommended that players and officials arrive to the arena fully dressed, and at a minimum, half-dressed, with the exception of skates (coming into the arena with skate guards on is ideal) and helmets. Exceptions may be made for goalies, who may need to put on additional equipment at the rink.

  • Players should be bringing their own rehydration liquids to the rink in clearly marked or labeled containers with the player’s identity. The container should be re-sealable. Players should NOT plan on refilling their containers at the rink

  • A maximum of two spectators per player are allowed for games. If arena or MDH guidelines are stricter, teams must adhere to the arena/MDH policy. Spectators should be physically distanced at all times. Cloth face coverings are required at all times inside the facility.

  • The scorer’s/announcer’s/penalty box should be staffed by no more than two persons, preferably from the same household, and should be staffed by the home team. If off-ice officials are not from the same household, they should maintain social distancing at all times. Masks should be worn by off ice officials at all times.

  • Whenever possible, resurfacing of the ice sheet should only take place before or after a game. During any intermissions, players and coaches should go to an area where social distancing can be maintained.

  • There should be no more than two coaches allowed in the bench area during games. Coaches on benches must be wearing masks. One coach should monitor players on the bench and keeping them physically distanced.

  • Coaches should figure out a system that maximizes physical distance between players on the bench during game play, stoppages, intermissions, etc. Space outside the bench area (next to bench) should be utilized whenever possible.

  • During a stoppage of play caused by a save, the goalie should drop the puck on the ice for the official to retrieve.

  • There should be no pregame or postgame handshakes. Teams should honor each other after the game with a stick salute.

  • There should be no pregame or postgame huddles or post goal gatherings on the ice.

  • A two official system shall be used for games at all levels.