The Volunteer Requirement and Fundraising Requirement are separate requirements. 

If you choose to opt-out of the fundraising requirement by choosing the buy-out on your child's registration, this does NOT remove your Volunteer requirements.

Volunteer Requirement:  A refundable deposit is required at the start of the season (post-dated 4/1/2024) and is refunded in full only if the obligation is met. This will be collected at Traveling try-outs and Mite evaluations.

Fundraising Requirement:  At the time you register, there are two options for Fundraising, either the buy-out or the fundraising cards. You must pick one. 

If you are registering your 3rd child (or more), you can choose the "3rd+ Child" option. The fundraising requirement (the buy-out or cards) is required for two children of the family but not the third.